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Video instruction

  • pro One stroke of the hieroglyph is hidden
  • pro Hieroglyph coloring
  • pro Possibility to generate customized Chinese word and phrase worksheets with pinyin and stroke order
  • Each character or word will start on a new page
  • Blank worksheet with your own settings.
  • Page size
  • Page orientation:
  • Writing grid style:
  • Line color
  • Columns
  • Rows
  • Rows spacing
  • Character color
  • pro Each stroke of the character will be in different color.
  • pro Add lines that show how to write character strokes.
  • Add gradual fade effect.
  • The shadow of the character in each grid.
Current worksheet


Generate chinese character worksheets online

It is important to write Chinese characters by hands correctly, observing stroke order, then the result will look beautiful, and the process will go quickly. The more often you use chinese character worksheets, the better it will be remembered and the hands themselves will write ideal strokes.

Hundreds of hours needs to write Chinese characters, this is great if you like to write by hand, but what if not?

Modern society more and more goes into the digital world of smartphones and computers, where it is enough to know pinyin to be able to correspond. Sooner or later, students who study Chinese language ask themselves the question: is it necessary to be able to write chinese characters by hand, and spend so many ours writing them in chinese character worksheets?

Yes, it is important! First of all it helps to understand the structure of the character, how they fit together. Many Chinese teachers like to tell their students:

«If you don’t know how to write a chacarcter - you don’t know the word»

It’s hard to learn character once and for all. Sometimes native speakers forget how to write one or another character, so it is imortant to use chinese character worksheets and calligraphy is an integral part of learning Chinese language.

Our worksheets have a large number of settings, including stroke order with pinyin, medians with numbering, writing grid size and much more.

Both adults and children need to choose their ideal Chinese character worksheets to do their writing.